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WhatsApp is the most successive android app and popular mobile messaging app. WhatsApp business is now trending everywhere, and the marketers are concentrating more on messaging apps. WhatsApp marketing gaining its popularity slowly and WhatsApp is free, available in 53 languages, currently used by 109 countries and more than 70% WhatsApp users use it daily. More than 90% of the WhatsApp messages are opened and read, so it ensures high engagement for marketers. WhatsApp is allowing to create groups, and it’s an excellent opportunity for every business to target their customers by organizing any events which help them to convert some proposals. WhatsApp service allows real-time direct communications in quick turnaround time. In today’s market, every business to use some innovative marketing tool for promotions where WhatsApp service status is more prevalent in customer engagement, which keeps you more personal. Here are some benefits of availing WhatsApp marketing which can be very useful for your business

  1. Affordable, cost-effective marketing tools for promotion
  2. Quick engagement and it improves customer service
  3. Asset building of team
  4. Positioning your brand

You can use WhatsApp services extensively apart from promotions. How large business using their services, and it bridges the gap between your business and consumer to a greater extent. Using WhatsApp services send them offers, new product releases, promo codes, feedback messages, and more. One to one communication is always worthy, and the brand credibility will be high. Using WhatsApp service, you can do wonders but not to overload with offers every day.

  1. Send or update your order services
  2. Send reminders
  3. Provide customer support and product demos
  4. Get reviews and ratings